Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Charmed Replica Pages

Welcome Charmed Fans

& Book of Shadows Collectors!

We have the most complete, extensive collection of Book of Shadows pages—period!


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2,500+ PAGES and Still Growing!

We Have The MOST pages and the BEST BARGAIN!

I am offering you the opportunity to have over 2,500+ Elaborately illustrated Spell Pages from the Book of Shadows for a real bargain price of only $28.00! Any "Charmed" fan and BOS/occult book Collector would be appreciative of this opportunity to acquire a copy of this gorgeous and ever-growing spell book! That’s right, it keeps growing!


This digital spell book contains colorfully illustrated pages of spells, potions, demons from the series, deities, beings of dark and light, ritual work, as well as brand new bonus pages and freebies!

These pages are in .PDF digital format. This means that you download them onto your computer to view and print them out at your own leisure and convenience. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. You can pick it up for free at:


With this replica spell page package you will also receive all future pages I create for free!

Here are ten samples of the more than 2,500+ *Exclusive* pages you will be receiving:

You May See this Photo Enlarged at My Store: http://piper_haliwell.ioffer.com

All of the pages are printable and print out to a full 8.5 X 11. You can also of course print it to your own custom size needs at TOP Quality!

Upon the receipt of your Paypal payment you will receive an email from with download instructions to retrieve the Book of Shadows Pages and free Book of Shadows extra pages!


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why does the package cost $28.00? Can I pay less?

A: The package is a remarkable bargain for 2,500+ pages. We work hard to produce more pages while cutting down the cost for our customers, so the price remains the same.

Q: Do I have to pay using Paypal?

A: Paypal accepts credit and other methods of payment, so you do not have to actually have a Paypal account to purchase your item. But if you would like your own convenient account anyway, please visit Paypal.com. It is also handy to have if you ever plan on becoming an online merchant yourself.

Q: Can I have the pages now and pay you later?

A: No, your order and payment must be complete before we send you the product.

Q: How will I be receiving the product?

A: You will be given a custom username and password at our private library that leads to our download page. From there, just save the books to your computer and enjoy!

Q: Now that I have access to my pages, how do I download them onto my computer?

A: A simple way is to right click on the file-link (ex. “Book #”) and to select “Save Target As”, or you may open the files in your browser and hit “Save”—this way may be slower depending on your internet connection because these files are very large, so it is best to download them instead of solely viewing them in your browser. You may also copy the links into your download manager (if you want a free download manager, try these great ones: Getright or Flashget . There are many other ways to save them as well.

Q: How many files will I be receiving?

A: So far there are 16 very large eBooks that range from a hundred to over two hundred pages each. You will be receiving all of these. In addition, when you log in periodically, you may find that new books have been added to your Download Page, free of charge! I am actually about to upload my newest book pretty soon! :-)

Q: What does .PDF format mean?

A: .PDF format refers to an electronic book file that you can download and view on mobile devices and computers. This is the most convenient format for viewing and printing your BOS.

Q: How much does this digital package cost and where do you ship?

A: The cost is a onetime amount of $28.00 USD.

We ship everywhere and for FREE!!

Q: Do you also make physical, leather bound books?

A: As an artist, I have made these leather books before on commission, but currently I am not.

Q: Can I book-bind and sell your pages as a book?

A: You may book-bind them for PERSONAL USE ONLY; you cannot sell it because the pages are not of your making.

Q: Do I Have Any Type of Resell Rights?

A: No. Understand that absolutely no part of this Digital/Printed Package is for Resale. Not the pages, spells, text, rituals, recipes, art, any of the new page freebies, or anything else not mentioned here.

Thank you for browsing my Replica Pages!

THIS package is exclusively mine and I am the sole owner to the rights of this particular digital package.